SMART amp collaborative learning software

Software that works the way students naturally want to learn

Designed specifically for the classroom, SMART amp enables co-creation and fosters student collaboration on devices, while giving teachers real-time insight into learning and contribution.

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Anywhere, Anytime Collaboration

  • Students can co-create content on a digital canvas with their devices, enabling contribution and collaboration to happen from anywhere, at anytime.

Real-time Insight for Teachers

  • Teachers can watch collaboration as it unfolds and better understand, assess and guide students, without having to interrupt learning.

Learning Naturally

  • The intuitive interface and experience means that students interact with lessons, content and projects in natural, authentic ways – inside and outside the classroom.

Seamlessly Switch Activities

  • Move between whole class, individual and small-group learning activities, as well as project-based or flipped lesson activities, without wasting class time.

Gauge Individual Contributions

  • Gain visibility into the learning process by easily seeing the contributions made by each student during group work in the collaborative workspace.

Simple, Universal Integration

  • Whatever devices your students are working with, or the interactive display in your classroom, SMART amp seamlessly integrates and provides the same user experience.

Boundless Content

Work with SMART Notebook files, SMART Exchange, Google apps, or third-party content.

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