SMART Notebook Advantage

Software maintenance program

A SMART Notebook Advantage subscription lets you upgrade to the newest versions of SMART Notebook software, access live technical support and unlock premium features in SMART Notebook software.


“Is it included with SMART Notebook?”

A one-year subscription is included. Renew it to keep receiving upgrades and live technical support. If you choose not to, you can continue using your existing version, but are not eligible for upgrades. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

“What happens when my Notebook Advantage subscription expires?”

When your subscription expires, you may continue to use your existing version of SMART Notebook, but are not eligible for new versions of the software, live technical support or features of Notebook that allow mobile devices to connect to and collaborate with Notebook software.

Access to SMART’s knowledge base for self-serve support is still available for customers outside of an Advantage maintenance agreement.

You may continue to download and install versions of Notebook that were released during the period that your maintenance was valid.

AdvantageLicence01 AdvantageLicence02

SMART Notebook Classroom licenses

Includes one year of SMART Notebook Advantage and usage on teacher and student computers.

SMART Notebook Site licenses

Standardize on SMART Notebook across all classrooms in a school or across the whole district. It also allows a site to install SMART Notebook on student laptops, teachers’ home computers and students’ home computers. It includes one year of SMART Notebook Advantage for the site.


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