SMART Table®442i Collaborative Learning Center

Excite young learners and help them grow together – both socially and academically. SMART Table® 442i 
collaborative learning center combines learning and play to inspire center-based learning and active collaboration.

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Irresistible Collaborative Learning

Inclusive and accessible, the SMART Table engages preK–3 learners, including students with special needs, in active discussions, problem-solving and small group collaboration activities. Its durable design makes it ideal for active classrooms and its stable pedestal-base enables wheel chair access.

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Young students develop problem-solving and communication skills by interacting with activities and collaborating with each other to achieve learning goals. The SMART Table enables small groups to communicate with each other, face to face, to complete problem-solving and consensus-building activities on one interactive surface.

smart table 3Activities that engage

Customize over a thousand ready-made activity packs with the SMART Table Toolkit. Or create lessons that support learning goals and meet specific classroom needs by accessing the SMART Exchange directly from SMART Table. You can also import lessons and multimedia content, including in 3D, created in SMART Notebook (included).

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Transition from small-group learning to whole-class by sharing SMART Table content on a SMART Board® using SMART Sync software (included). And you can connect the SMART Document Camera to capture and display live images, video and 3D content. Training and resources are also available for the SMART Table.